EduTrac is an innovative mobile phone-based data collection system using SMS. The Peruvian Ministry of Education will carry out a pilot of this system in remote Peruvian districts, where school administrators, students, and tutors, among others, will send data into the system using their mobile phones to support decision makers at various levels.
Simer serves as a platform where schools, students, staff, parents, course instructors, individuals, book publishers, game creators, app developers etc. get to meet and impact upon each other’s ability to learn, teach and manage schools.
Asktoks.com is an initiative focused on using applied behaviour analysis to help special needs children overcome learning disabilities. The program focuses on training child care givers to effectively administer activities designed to enhance learning deficiencies in children usually from age zero to ten.
Through the Hope for Children initiative, Samsung launched the Solar Powered Internet School (SPIS) to complement the efforts of the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) in integrating ICT in primary schools.
Spire is a new education-to-employment pathway designed to serve both students and partner employers. In contrast to traditional university programs, Spire students learn by doing—through both hands-on classroom activities and paid apprenticeships with desirable employers—to build the technical and soft skills required for lifelong success.
Plexx is a digital career counsellor that allows young people without college degrees to explore occupations, find local training, and apply to jobs all from their mobile phone.