Announcing CEI Plus: A new way to promote transparency and learning

May 26, 2015Jordan Worthington

If you have been on the Center for Education Innovations website recently, you may have noticed new program profiles with new information about their results and monitoring and evluation (M&E) practices. These new changes are a part of a broader effort to increase transparency and knowledge of what works in education – an effort we call CEI Plus. We have already received over 100 updates from programs committed to sharing their results and M&E practices and we are looking forward to hearing from more CEI-profiled programs soon.

CEI Plus is a new way to view and use available information in our database of over 600 education innovations. It allows users to find programs that share up-to-date information on their program activities, M&E strategies, and any associated internal and external evidence documentation. CEI Plus is designed to increase the level of easily available information about programs’ approaches and M&E practices. It is also intended to improve transparency and accountability in global education, improving reporting practices, and ultimately enhancing our collective understanding about what is producing promising results for the poor.

The New CEI Profile Dashboard
The enhanced CEI Program Profile gives users a snapshot of programs’ essential information. Our updated Program Dashboard makes information immediately accessible. When programs publicly share information on their data collection strategies or evaluations, you are able to view the details through their CEI Plus status. The new CEI Plus Status includes two scales: a Results Badge and M&E Reporting.


Results Badge

Programs receive a Results Badge when they self-report programmatic results in one or more of CEI’s program results categories displayed on their program profile. All program managers are invited to update their program’s results. Programs show their commitment to learning and transparency by updating their profiles with results. The more results that program share, the more they are likely to be visible to potential partners and funders using CEI.


M&E Reporting 

Programs that share information on their M&E practices are awarded M&E tiered check marks. CEI’s M&E reporting is used by researchers, funders, and award groups to find programs committed to learning and improvement. Programs share their M&E practices by providing information from 3 different categories:

Programs can share their strategies to collect data, existing process evaluations, and impact evaluations, as well as supporting documents for each. Documents will not be made public without program managers’ approval.

The profile completeness rating and M&E badges ensure that programs which are actively seeking to learn, share, and collaborate are visible to both first-time and experienced users of CEI. We will also share information with our partners committed to learning and transparency, including WISE, GlobalGiving, and Toniic. We are excited to play a part in the work to increase transparency and evidence-based education programming and we hope you utilize this new tool in our database.

Click here for more information about our CEI Plus Initiative and incentives for participating.

Please contact Yasmin Lalani ( if you have any additional questions about CEI Plus, including how your organization can join us in our effort for transparency.


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