3 CEI Profiled Programs Win 2014 WISE Awards

September 18, 2014Calla McCabe

Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote six successful innovative projects that are addressing global educational challenges. Projects are awarded from a wide variety of sectors and locations for their innovative character, their positive contribution and their potential for scalability and adaptability. These projects represent a growing resource of expertise and sound educational practice. 

The 2014 winning projects originate from Australia, Egypt, Finland, India, Jordan, and Peru. They were selected from a pool of 15 Finalists for their creative approach to learning and positive impact on society.  

Three of CEIs' profiled programs are winners of this award, We Love ReadingEducate Girls and FACE Salam Project for Street Children.

We Love Reading aims to provide a practical, cost efficient, sustainable, grassroots approach that involves women and the community to increase reading levels among children 4-10 by focusing on the read aloud experience to plant the love of reading. The We Love Reading (WLR) program constitutes training local women and youth to hold reada loud sessions in public spaces in their neighborhoods where books are routinely read aloud to children. This is the “library.”  WLR chooses books that are age-appropriate, attractive, neutral in content, in the native language of the child. In addition to promoting the experience of reading, WLR empowers women readers to become leaders in their communities, builds ownership in the children and community members and serves as a platform for raising awareness on issues such as health and environment. Click here to see their WISE Awards profile.

Educate Girls aims to reform government schools through community empowerment and ownership. Goals are to improve girls' enrollment and attendance, girl-friendly infrastructure, and learning outcomes by engaging students, teachers, schools, communities, and the government.  Educate Girls leverages existing government education expenditure to improve schools by mobilizing village communities to take ownership of the school reform process. The model seeks to ensure that teachers, the government, parents, and girls become active participants in the process and engage actively as citizens in school governance even after the withdrawal of Educate Girls. Click here to see their WISE Awards profile.

FACE Salam Project for Street Children- This project works with street children (including families living and working on the street and others at risk), one of the most marginalized sectors of society. UNHCR reports there are over one million street children in Cairo. The aim is to provide child-friendly education and life skills, including road safety awareness and reproductive health focusing on hygiene, HIV, and other STDs. The project seeks to provide the target group with a path away from the streets through non-formal education (NFE) at the Drop-In Center (DIC) and the Transitional Home provided through the Child-Friendly School (CFS). Click here to see their WISE Awards profile.

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