CEI-Profiled Programs Selected to Receive Assessment Reviews through University of Cape Town

April 27, 2015Louise Albertyn

The Center for Education Innovations (CEI) and the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) are happy to announce that three of our featured programs have been selected to receive individual assessment reviews by Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Masters’ students at the Institute for Monitoring and Evaluation, University of Cape Town.

The programs’ selection demonstrates the benefits that can result from increased information sharing across a wide spectrum of practitioners.  This commitment to informed collaboration also serves as a major impetus for the upcoming CEI PLUS Initiative.  CEI Plus is designed to increase the level of easily available information about programs’ approaches and M&E practices, and additional information about the powerful new tool will be coming soon.

For this announcement though, both CEI and CHMI invited some of our profiled initiatives that meet the “evaluable” criteria to make themselves available to M&E Masters students in 2015 to examine the objectives, content, implementation and outcomes of the program.

At the end of the process, each selected program will receive an invaluable analysis enabling them to make more strategic decisions, allocate resources wisely, and plan for the growth of the program. In the period 2007–2012‚ seventeen of the Masters dissertations were published in scientific evaluation journals.

CEI was delighted to hear that two of its programs had been chosen, namely:

  • Tomorrow Trust supports orphaned and vulnerable children to achieve their educational goals as part of an exit strategy from charity. This is done by providing holistic care with like-minded partners through Saturday and Holiday School Programs, Teacher Development and Computer Literacy Programmes.

  • 3 R's provides children living on farms in the Boland and Breede River Valley regions in the Western Cape with literacy and numeracy assistance, encourages a love for all kinds of sport and leading a healthy lifestyle as well as teaching life skills. These sessions take place after school and are led by local farm women, trained by the Anna Foundation.

Likewise, CHMI is excited to announce that one of its programs – D-Tree International—has also been chosen.

  • D-Tree International, in response to a growing shortage of physicians and nurses, uses clinical protocols to develop clinical decision support software that can be loaded onto mobile phones for use by Clinic staff and Community Health Workers (CHWs) to help them accurately assess, diagnose and treat patients. Specifically, D-Tree International creates algorithms on mobile phones that prompt CHWs to ask each patient a series of questions regarding their treatment or other health problems. They can then determine whether a patient requires the attention of a physician.

This exercise satisfies our need to offer our profiled initiatives meaningful opportunities for capacity building. Effective Monitoring and Evaluation is a vital way to show impact so we were delighted at being able to provide this link to an evaluation document that can inform program design, monitoring processes and strategies for expansion.


Images courtesy of Tommorow Trust, 3 R's, and D-Tree International.

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