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March 03, 2015Jordan Worthington

One of the biggest events on the global education calendar, the Comparative and International Education Society’s (CIES) annual conference will be held in Washington, D.C. from March 8-13, 2015. The conference brings together education professionals and academics to share comparative, cross-cultural, and international perspectives on current issues, trends, and policies in education.

Results for Development Institute (R4D) will be at the event to share what we’ve learned about education innovations, new financing models, the costs of out-of-school children, and post-2015 education goals. Here is where you can find us:

Nickels and Dimes of Education for All
Monday, 9 March - 8-9:30am – Washington Hilton, Terrace Level, Gunston West

Despite falling numbers of out-of-school children, global progress in increasing basic education has stalled and gains in enrollment are not keeping up the growth in the school-aged population. Within the context of Education For All (EFA) goals of universal primary education, Nicholas Burnett and Milan Thomas review global education financing models and demonstrate the financing needed to enroll out-of-children in school, using the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a case study. Read about R4D's research on financing needs for out-of-school children here.

Education Innovations – Understanding What Works and Why
Monday, 9 March - 9:45-11:15am – Washington Hilton, Concourse Level, Cabinet

While there has been significant growth in the number of innovative models seeking to increase access to and the quality of education services targeting the poor, there is simultaneously a lack of evidence on which programs have the most promise for greatest impact. The panel will be chaired by CEI Program Director Donika Dimovska,  and will include representatives from CEI India, UNICEF and War Child Holland who will share various perspectives on strategically identifying, supporting, and scaling innovation.

Toward the Post 2015 Education Cooperation – An Insight from Japan
Tuesday, 10 March - 11:30am-1pm – Washington Hilton, Terrace Level, Columbia 04

Results-based financing (RBF) for education programs has become increasingly prominent in the post-2015 education agenda. However, RBF still lacks a focus on learning. This session discusses a proposed new set of policy, knowledge-management, and aid-effectiveness perspectives from Japanese researchers and aid practices important in connecting this missing link between RBF and learning, tying it back to the global post-2015 agenda. Nicholas Burnett chairs the panel, with discussants from UNESCO’s EFA Global Monitoring Report, Kobe University, and the George Washington University.

Out-of-School Children: Key Barriers to Education for All and Policy Responses
Wednesday, 11 March - 8-9:30am – Washington Hilton, Concourse Level, Georgetown East

Over 100 million children of school age worldwide are not in school and the international community lacks systematic analysis on the barriers to exclusion from education. This panel presents findings from national and regional studies carried out as part of the global Out-of-School Children Initiative (OOSCI), a partnership between UNICEF and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, with a focus on key barriers to education. Nicholas Burnett and Milan Thomas will present on a new model to assess financing needs for education for all, using the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a case study. Read more about this research here.

Please contact R4D Education Communications Officer, Wambui Munge, at for questions about the sessions above.

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