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August 17, 2016Tess Bissell

This Week at CEI:

Debunking the myths around Youth Entrepreneurship
Rowena Humphreys

Today a growing number of young people are opting for entrepreneurship as a way of taking control of their economic fates. Youth Business International (YBI) is dedicated to raising their chances of success by helping young people start and grow their own business and employment. Read here to learn about some of the lessons YBI has learned along the way.

A new global vision by young people across the world
Nik Hartley

“How could we truly understand what underlying goals unify the 1.8 billion youth who make up the largest youth generation ever?  If we don't understand that how can we possibly prepare for a world they will own by the completion of new Global Goals that were being formed as we stood there? And how might Restless Development play a much much bigger role to bring this emerging generation together through partnerships, movements and programmes?” Read here to learn the answers to these questions and more.

On the cutting edge: 5 new innovators joining CEI’s database
Tess Bissell

As innovators continue to apply fresh approaches, the CEI Program Database is similarly expanding to identify and gain insights from these exciting new models. Learn about five new programs we’ve added to our database, working in Pakistan, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Malawi on a diversity of education challenges. Read more here.

Upcoming Events:

International Literacy Day Forum
September 9
Washington, DC

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of International Literacy Day with the Global Reading Network. This event will be attended by representatives from state government, donors, NGOs, other education experts, and researchers to discuss the theme: “Future Directions: Innovations, Tools, and Resources for Global Literacy”. Learn more here.

Funding Opportunities:

EMpower Grants
Deadline: Rolling

EMpower supports locally-led programs to improve the lives of at-risk youth through education, health, and well-being, all while incorporating leadership and community engagement. Grants generally support the strengthening of service-related activities and organizational capacity-building. EMpower is particularly focused on programs for youth, ages 10-24, because investments at this stage are critical to their transition to safe, productive adulthoods. Learn more here.

EU Support to Education in the Somali Federal States
Deadline: August 23, 2016

The European Union is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for a program entitled “Support to Education in the Somali Federal States (SESFS)” with a motive to expand education and training opportunities, contributing to poverty reduction within a peaceful, secure and democratic Somalia. Priorities include: restoring and expanding basic and secondary education opportunities, inclusive education, and vocational skills development. Learn more and apply here.

ISIF Asia Awards 2016

Nominations open until: September 15

The ISIF Asia Awards seek to acknowledge the important contributions Internet technology innovators have made through creative solutions to the Asia Pacific region. The ISIF Asia Awards are granted to initiatives on the last stages of implementation or that have finalized activities already that are aligned with the funding categories and eligibility criteria.

The categories for 2016 are:

  • Technical Innovation: access provision, electricity supply, devices, IoT, IPv6, security, privacy
  • Community Impact: women & girls in IT, democracy enhancement, open data, applications for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation.

Learn more and submit your award nomination here.

JOBA Employment Fund  
September 30
The Employment Fund responds to Mozambique’s challenge of lack of employment amongst disadvantaged young people (in particular young women and adolescent girls) in a bid to contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth. Project initiatives from non-state organisations, which can undertake training, entrepreneurship, or second chance learning activities that will contribute to higher incomes of the beneficiaries, through provision of innovative, quality, marketable technical or vocational training, entrepreneurship training, or ‘second chance’ opportunities, are invited to apply for a grant from the Employment Fund. Learn more here.

Global Education News:

Study Finds Chinese Students Excel in Critical Thinking. Until College

A new study, conducted by researchers at Stanford University, suggests that China is producing some of the strongest critical thinkers in the world. The unexpected finding complements previous studies showing Chinese students outperforming their global peers in reading, math and science. But the new study also found that Chinese students lose their advantage in critical thinking in college. Read more about the implications of this study for China’s rapidly expanding university system and weakening economy here.

Rio state crisis sparks teacher and student protests

With the Rio Olympics underway in Brazil, the state of Rio de Janeiro is experiencing a financial crisis. Teachers are protesting, saying their wages have been frozen or delayed. Students have occupied schools in protest, and some have had only ten days of class so far this year. As one student remarked, “We don’t have a choice between spending in education or the Olympics. It is all about Olympics right now. Education has been abandoned.” Watch this video to learn more.

Caution Flags for Tech in Classroom

A group of recent studies on technology in education, across a wide range of real-world settings, have come up far short of a ringing endorsement. The studies include research on K-12 schools and higher ed, both blended learning and online, and show results ranging from mixed to negative. A deeper look into these reports gives a sense that, even as computers become ubiquitous in classrooms, there's a lot we still don't know — or at least that we're not doing to make them effective tools for learning. Learn more about studies from the OECD, Gates Foundation, and Northwestern University here.

Photo credit: Restless Development; Restless Development; Ami Vitale/Anseye Pou Ayiti; Giulia Marchi/New York Times; BBC; 

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