Center for Education Innovations: Reflections and What’s Ahead

January 12, 2015Donika Dimovska

Happy New Year!

CEI is excited to welcome you to 2015.

With a renewed focus on diffusing promising education innovations, we look forward to an exciting new year of identifying, studying and facilitating the adaptation and uptake of programs, policies and practices that improve access to education and learning around the world.

While we look forward to the opportunities ahead, we should take a moment to reflect on the previous year’s achievements and milestones. Below you will find a snapshot of our 2014 highlights as well as a glimpse of what is in store this year.

Critical Program Data and Results

CEI features a wealth of programs doing amazing work all around the world. But we think that there is more that innovators, funders, and governments can learn about the results and practices of promising education innovations so that more learning about ‘what works, how and why’ can be shared and adopted.

So in 2014, we announced CEI PLUS, a new initiative that aims to increase the level of available information about promising education innovations by providing programs with the opportunity to share results and available evidence through easy-to-use reporting tools on their CEI profiles.


Plans for 2015:

CEI PLUS will allow CEI-profiled programs to share their Results and Monitoring & Evaluation data publicly. This will increase programs’ visibility while also allowing us at CEI to serve our programs more effectively with new opportunities. We are currently in the process of collecting this data, and plan to launch CEI PLUS later this quarter.

Education Analysis, News and Resources at Users’ Fingertips

Last year, CEI introduced a new way to access the latest data, news and analysis in global education through its topic portals. This interactive feature is a simple way to keep with the latest innovations in the field by providing insight into the landscape and emerging themes in education innovations for specific topics and countries.

If you haven’t reviewed them already, we invite you to browse our condensed Database-at-a-Glance reports covering trends and innovations we have identified within three popular topics -  Early Childhood Education and Development, Girls’ Education, Public-Private Partnerships  - and three countries - India, Kenya, and South Africa.


Plans for 2015:

This year, we will be launching topic pages on Education Technology, Low-Cost Private Schools, Conflict and Fragile States Programs, and Skills for Work.  Subscribe to our newsletter, ‘CEI Connections’ to be notified when these new pages are live.

Global Network of Education Programs and Collaborators

In 2014, CEI’s Programs Database nearly doubled in size reaching close to 600 profiled programs.

This growth in reach and coverage was spearheaded by our in-country partners, who in addition to profiling promising programs in South Africa, Kenya, India, and Nigeria brought various education stakeholders together to address important education topics and themes. A summary of these activities can be found here.

Last year, CEI also forged important partnerships with various education influencers. For example:

Also noteworthy, was the announcement of a partnership between CEI and UNICEF to move from documenting innovations in global education to scaling promising models. The project is designed to help UNICEF identify promising innovations for scale up, while also sharing evidence on promising programs with the broader education community through CEI.


Plans for 2015:

The finalists of the CEI-UNICEF innovation search will be announced on the CEI website. So make sure you subscribe to ‘CEI Connections’ to be the first to receive an update.

In 2015, we will continue to showcase promising models and support their improvement and diffusion. We will also work to grow the CEI database geographically by adding new programs from region such as Latin America and deepening our topical coverage in areas such as innovations in fragile states.

In addition to strengthening our existing partnerships, CEI will seek additional collaborations to provide greater information, analysis, and connections aimed at improving and diffusing the world’s promising education programs.  If your organization is interested in collaborating with CEI, contact us here.

What Else?

This is just a brief teaser of what we have in the works for 2015.  Above all, we would like to deepen our engagement with the CEI community in the New Year, and that starts with learning from you. We look forward to your ideas and thoughts - connect with us via email, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Photograph above courtesy of Enseña por Colombia.

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