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January 15, 2016Duncan McCullough

This Week at CEI

Global Leaders Converge on Innovation

This summer in Addis Ababa, 12 organizations including the Results for Development (R4D) and the World Bank Group launched a call for increased innovation in international development to solve the world’s most complex challenges, including the new sustainable development goals. Adarsh Desai, in a piece originally published on the World Bank Voices Blog, details how this large new group defines innovation, its emerging areas of interest, and relevance to multiple sectors.

R4D and CEI Host Young African Leaders for Workshop on Youth Skills Development

R4D and CEI welcomed recent graduates from the African Leadership Academy, with expert practitioners and managers from the Ubuntu Education Fund, Education for Employment, Bantwana Initiative, Educate! Uganda, and Jumpstart Africa. Students demonstrated a solid conviction that youth-targeted programs are the key to effective development in their communities.

Colin Bangay explains why when it comes to education systems reform, it’s about the meal not the menu

“Thanks to a diet of cuisine based TV programmes – even the least epicurean will be aware that while good ingredients are critical – gastronomic success comes through artful combinations, the process through which they are brought together and the sequence in which they are served.”  Colin Bangay, CEI Advisory Council Member and Senior Education Advisor to the UK’s Department for International Development, reports from his time paneling a recent launch by Dr. Steve Munby that examined the experiences of 5 cities that underwent significant education system transformation.

Events and Opportunities

Out of School and Out of Work in Latin America: 20 million young people looking for opportunities
World Bank: January 19, Washington, DC

The World Bank presents what it is calling “the most complete study that has been produced until now” about persistent youth unemployment in Latin America. The event will examine the disconnect between broad economic growth and the 20 million young people who are not in school and are not employed.

2016 MASK Prize
Mobile Art School in Kenya
Enter before May 1 2016

The Mobile Art School in Kenya is inviting any individual or school to submit creative, or entrepreneurial content for consideration of up to 20 prizes totaling up to 300,000 Ksh in awarded support. Submissions can include paintings, sculpture, graffiti art, dance performance, or an entrepreneurial idea explained in 300 words, and with diverse categories like Children under 13, and Individual Artists, all are welcome to apply.

Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change
ISSA Conference 2016: October 11 – 13, Vilnius, Lithuania

The International Step by Step Association has announced the date of their 2016 conference. The event will focus especially on the ECD workforce, exploring the impact of shifting demographics, migration, rising inequality, and technological advancements on social cohesion, family stability, and government effectiveness.

Humanitarian Education Accelerator
Apply before February 15, 2016

DFID, UNICEF, and UNHCR have partnered to form the first Humanitarian Education Accelerator aims to aid understanding in transforming good pilot projects into scalable educational initiatives. Selected programs will receive tailored trainings, up to £300,000 in financial support, and will be featured within a series of public events, the Humanitarian Education Accelerator web platform and other meta-evaluations. Projects that have already demonstrated impact within a pilot study are strongly encouraged to apply.

Global Education News

Duolingo Founder On Why Online Lectures Are Not The Future Of Education

Information sharing network Quora interviewed Luis Von Ahn about online education platforms this week. The Co-Founder and CEO of Duolingo and reCAPTCHA offers his frank assessment of the failings of some online education platforms that take too passive an approach to teaching students digitally. Especially with the success of Luis’s language learning platform Duolingo, his recommendations are hard to ignore.

New Initiative in India Is Mobilizing Communities to Improve Children’s Learning, but Will It Work?

Anit Mukherjee writes for the Center for Global Development about Pratham Education’s efforts to transition its volunteer force from previous Citizen-Led Assesments into change agents deployed to raise awareness and mobilize communities to take vital steps to improve education in India. The program blends some of the latest insights in assessment and advocacy strategies with exciting new technologies facilitating outreach to the many of the most remote regions of the country.

Join in: What’s the #EducationWeWant?

The Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM Report) is calling for votes on which of the new education targets supporting the global education goal are most important. The post includes links to vote online, and instructions for participating in the conversation through twitter using #EducationWeWant. Governments are now deciding which of these targets to prioritize in national plans, and the GEM Report hopes that the broader community of global education will have its say as well.


Duncan McCullough is a Communications Associate at the Center for Education Innovations, proud Masters graduate of George Mason University, and former White House Staffer.

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