Education Innovations Leveraging the Power of Technology Featured in New CEI Topic Portal

June 02, 2015Yoojin Kim

CEI is excited to announce the launch of the Educational Technology Topic Portal.

There are more than 130 programs in the CEI database taking advantage of the growing speed and spread of information technology to improve learning outcomes and the quality of students’ classroom experience in low- and middle-income countries. Some of these programs utilize technology to make learning and teaching faster, easier, and more efficient; others connect students, teachers, and educators to those not only in their communities but also around the world. Students today have access to more materials and resources than ever before. The topic portal offers a way to explore the main characteristics of these programs and includes various resources to help users delve deeper into the subject.

Portal Features

The educational technology topic portal includes the full list of educational technology programs in the CEI database, blog posts and program spotlights, as well as graphs and a map to help visualize the status of educational technology programs.

The portal features four easy-to-navigate pages:

  • Overview: Get easy access to the programs, resources from the research and evidence library, and blog posts related to educational technology.  This page also contains the Database At-A-Glance report, which outlines some of the most common trends within educational technology programs in the CEI database.
  • Data visualizations: See up-to-date, user-friendly graphs on some of the characteristics of the CEI-profiled educational technology programs including their finance model, their location, and the students they target.
  • Programs: Dive deeper into the CEI database and explore some of the programs utilizing technology in their work, or search for a specific educational technology program based on your particular interests or region.
  • News and resources: Read related blog posts, including interviews with innovators and spotlights of programs, as well as the most relevant material from the expansive research and evidence library.

How can you help spread the word?

You can share the link to the portal with your own networks through your newsletter or on social media and help more program implementers, researchers, and donors engage with the CEI community. 

In addition, to receive updates about future topic portals and education innovations in other issue areas, you can subscribe to the CEI newsletter. 

Photo Credit: Bridge International Academies

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