EMASA Booklet 2013: Highlighting Innovations from "Cradle to Career"

February 10, 2014Camilla Swart

Camilla Swart, is a member of CEI’s South Africa team and content curator for the 2013 EMASA conference. 

In August 2013, the 14th annual EMASA Conference was hosted by Jonathan Jansen at the University of the Free State. EMASA is a conference on school leadership and management. The conference has traditionally had an academic focus, where research is disseminated, mostly among other academics and policymakers. For this year, the conference included the interventions of the innovative non-state sector.

A national call for submissions resulted in 28 innovations that were awarded the opportunity to share their learnings in a 'TED Talk' style which was also streamed online. The interventions ranged from "cradle to career" with a focus on sharing pragmatic tips and ideas. The conference also served as a networking opportunity to promote cross sector collaboration between other innovators, governments and academics. To further promote these innovations, a booklet was produced that profiled their work and the learnings that they shared at the conference.

CEI-South Africa played an important role in the development of this year's conference and is proud to announce the launch of this booklet - available below. We encourage you to download it and share with others, so that the experiences of these 28 models can serve as lessons to a wider audience of innovators both within and outside of South Africa.

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