New CEI Portal: Tailored Insight Into Public-Private Partnerships

December 23, 2014Calla McCabe

All New Public-Private Partnerships Portal

We are excited to invite you to explore CEI's new Public-Private Partnerships topic portal.

CEI has profiled over 100 programs that work to leverage the public and private sectors. This number represents a range of partnership types, including some of the traditionally conceived Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models, whereby private organizations are contracted by the government to provide a service. This number also includes partnerships that demonstrate how the private sector can complement existing public services.  By streamlining access to synthesized information on PPPs, we hope to facilitate easier learning and access to partnership opportunities among our users.

Portal Features

With our PPP topic portal you can explore four different pages and eight distinct data visualizations to learn about innovations happening around the world. You can also easily browse news and resources from 118 PPP programs. These pages provide a lens to focus in on the wealth of programs in the database.

Here’s how to use the PPP topic portal to get you the information you need:

  • Overview: See the newest programs and relevant information on the issues you care about, including an analysis of the themes we see emerging in PPPs, based on programs in our database
  • Data Visualization: Get instant access to current aggregated data from relevant programs through our map and interactive graphs
  • News & Resources: See new and original research, opinions, and insight from CEI’s own blog and Research & Evidence library
  • Programs: Quickly preview PPP programs in our database, sort programs by location, or how recently they’ve been updated

How Can You Help Us Spread the Word?

Simple. Share the link – - with your network. By spreading the word through newsletters, links on your webpage, and social media posts, you help CEI become an even more robust network of program implementers, researchers, innovators, and donors.

What Else?

CEI works to create impact—expanded access to quality, affordable education for the poor—by providing information, analysis, and connections for program managers, funders, researchers, and policymakers who work to enable the scale-up, replication and improvement of promising innovations in education. These topic portals are just the beginning of our impact. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive related updates.

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