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May 12, 2017Duncan McCullough

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Turning the page towards universal literacy
By Shubha Jayaram

Numerous studies show that books are one of the most cost-effective inputs for improving learning outcomes. For example, a recent study in Kenya notes that “providing books that have a structured approach to literacy acquisition […] at a 1:1 ratio is paramount in improving pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills.” But such a ratio remains out-of-reach for millions, and many children in low- and middle- income countries sharing one book among many—with almost 14 students sharing a book in countries such as Cameroon. Read more…

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Accounting for success: Financial literacy for 21st century students
By Duncan McCullough

Education success for modernizing markets relies on an increasingly diverse set of skills, yet financial capacity may be one of the most foundational areas of growth for students, their families, and school officials around the world. Innovators recognize how critical financial literacy has become, and are leveraging a variety of strategies to help their beneficiaries account for success. What might we learn from their experiences? Read more…

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Giving evidence a seat at the table of education policymaking
By Robert Francis

The Ghana Education Evidence Summit was convened with this purpose in mind – to encourage and enable policymakers to base decisions on facts rather than conjecture. Researchers, donors, members from Ghanaian civil society organizations, and policymakers gathered together to present rigorous research, discuss ways in which evidence could better be integrated into the policymaking process, and to spark connections between participating groups. Several key recommendations were presented. Read more…

Funding Opportunities


International development literacy learning education childhood funding events news

SDG Innovation Challenge in Zambia
Deadline: 23 May 2017

A Catalytic Fund will be distributed to support three to four competively-selected solutions related to the well-being of children with grants of up to US$40,000. The Platform will work with the successful applications with the most innovation solutions to guarantee clear M&E mechanisms and reporting.

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Gered Gereedschap Call for Applications
Open, Rolling

Gered Gereedschap is a nationwide Dutch organization who collect and refurbish discarded tools for the benefit of small-scale projects in developing countries. The group is seeking schools and projects that promote entrepreneurship and guide youth. Preference is also given to gender oriented projects and projects aiming at marginalized groups, co-operatives, ecological awareness and environmental protection. The focus countries are: Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

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U.S. Mission to India Call for Proposals
Deadline: 7 July 2017

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai (PAS Mumbai) seeks proposals for a project entitled “Traveling Women’s Film Festival.” The project, a series of two-day film festivals in 10 small cities of western India, will utilize American and other films to raise awareness of gender issues and to promote women’s safety and empowerment in areas, especially more rural and semi-urban areas, not typically reached. PAS Mumbai promotes women’s safety and empowerment through a variety of programs, in particular through film and short-film contests. 

Upcoming Events


Voices of the next generation
Thursday 1 June 2017, Cambridge Education offices, London

What challenges are we going to inherit as a new generation of international education and development professionals? Would you like to have more of a voice and build your confidence as a professional in international education and development? Ready to start talking about education in a whole new way?

2019 GEM Report Open Consultation
Through 22 May 2017, Online

The Global Monitoring Report (or GEM Report) (or GEM Report) for 2019 will focus on educational challenges and opportunities facing both voluntary and involuntary migrants in host and home communities. The GEM team wants to hear directly from implementers working in this sphere, including suggestions on relevant literature, data analysis and case studies.

2nd Annual Education Innovation Africa
7-8 June 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

Under this year's theme, Driving Impact in Private, Social and PPP Education Projects in Africa', the event will unite key education leaders at Ministries, Educators, Programs and Edtech companies, together with Capital Providers at PE, VC, Impact, Development Banks and Corporate Programs to find new partnerships and models that will provide sustainable and impactful education programs across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Global Education News


Forget Internet Scams: Young Nigerians Now Use Digital Tech for Good
By 'Gbenga Sesan

Unlike China, which has largely shrugged off the reputation of being the producer of substandard goods, Nigeria has gained a reputation for being the haven of online fraudsters, or what are known colloquially as Yahoo boys.

However, the same technology that enables cybercrime in Nigeria is also the very tool that can transform the lives of millions of young people in the country. What erring youth need to know is that if they’re tech-savvy enough to defraud, then they’re smart enough to build a business online, or even develop apps. Read more…

Setting New Visions for Student Success
By Wendy Kopp

When communities come together to develop a vision for children, inevitably it is a holistic vision that requires cultivating skills and traits that go beyond reading and math. For example, Nedgine Paul, the CEO of Anseye Pou Ayiti, a Haitian organization that is a partner in the Teach For All network, engaged with community stakeholders to grapple with questions including their views of what a great education would be without constraints and the types of assets present in their communities. Read more…

Social enterprise to target youth unemployment in Saudi Arabia
By Elizabeth Dickinson

It is hard for Haya Al Asimi to hide her excitement as she slides into a corner of the Four Seasons Lobby chatting with college friends. They rehash stories they’ve heard during a morning spent discussing youth and social impact; they plot their own future success. Over coffee and za'atar-spiced croissants, they imagine a world in which the boss dishes out goals rather than giving orders. Read more…


Photo Credits (top to bottom): Connor Ashleigh for AusAID ; Morgana Wingard, USAID ; Junior Achievement ; USAID, Ghana ; World Economic Forum ; Teach for All ; Stephen Downes.

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