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December 10, 2014Calla McCabe

The CEI programs database has a wealth of programs doing amazing work all around the world –over 600 programs are now profiled on CEI. But we think that there is more that innovators, funders, and governments can learn about the results and practices of promising education innovations so that more learning about ‘what works, how and why’ can be shared and adopted.

That is why we are launching CEI PLUS, a new initiative that aims to increase the level of available information about promising education innovations by providing programs with the opportunity to share results and available evidence through easy-to-use reporting tools on CEI profiles.

This opportunity consists of new profile “badges” that provide easy-to-navigate information about your M&E practices, results, and any associated evidence you would like to share. The more information you share about your program’s M&E practices and results, the more your program’s profile stands out, and the more new information and learning is shared with other innovators and potential supporters!

What benefits can CEI PLUS provide for my program?

Sharing data collection practices and results has benefits. Through sharing more about your program with CEI, you can increase your program’s profile visibility on the CEI website, and receive mentions in CEI Blogs and CEI communication materials, as well as original analytical products, such as our Database-at-a-Glance documents (see one on Girls' Education here) and Topic Portals. You will also benefit from priority access to funding announcements and referrals to funding competitions, award programs, innovation and challenge funds, and accelerator opportunities, globally or for specific regions or themes.

How can my program receive these benefits?

Gaining access to these additional opportunities is quick and easy! Simply share your M&E and results-based data. Have you scaled your program? Have you launched a new initiative that serves more students than ever before? We want to know. Updated information will help to keep profiled programs relevant both within CEI’s database for our growing analytical work, and for potential partnerships and increased funder visibility. Past funders and partners we have worked with in this capacity have included GlobalGiving, UNICEF, Skoll Foundation, and the WISE Initiative (see here the range of collaborators using the CEI database to identify promising programs for support and partnership). If you do not have any updates, please also let us know as there are many ways we would like to work with you.

What we need from you

CEI Plus will launch officially in early 2015. In order to prepare your profile for the launch, please:

  1. Review your current profile 
  2. Complete the profile update form (The entire form does not need to be filled out, only the sections you wish to be updated).

Note: We are looking for all program updates, not only limited to M&E and results-based data.

Please send relevant updates to cei@r4d.org no later than 15 January 2015.

For questions related to CEI PLUS, please contact Yasmin Lalani – ylalani@r4d.org.

Thank you for your time and for contributing to this global effort as part of the CEI community.

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