Calling for Health, Education, and Violence Prevention Innovations for Children in West Africa

April 28, 2015Daniel Plaut

The Center for Education Innovations (CEI) and Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI), in collaboration with the UBS Optimus Foundation, are landscaping for innovative programs working in child health, education, and violence prevention in West Africa.

Innovations identified will allow for a broader understanding of the work currently being done in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote D’Ivoire in these relevant sectors, to guide the Foundation’s priorities in the region. Relevant programs may be shortlisted for funding opportunities.

Of particular interest are programs that have an integrated approach to promote optimal development for vulnerable children. Specifically, CEI and CHMI are looking for programs with the following criteria:


Does the program specifically target issues related to children aged 0-8? Desired programs include, but are not limited to: direct service provision for children, programs that target perinatal and maternal health, and increase awareness about health issues for parents and community members.

Does the program aim to provide better quality early childhood education (ECE) to children aged 0-8? Desired programs include, but are not limited to: early childhood education centers, low-cost private schools, programs that advocate for better (ECE) provision within country, programs that promote pedagogical innovations, and programs that provide training and capacity building opportunities to parents, teachers, and community members seeking to improve ECE in their communities.

Violence Prevention
Does the program seek to prevent child violence and abuse, including sexual violence, for young people aged 0-18? Desired programs include, but are not limited to: initiatives that advocate against child abuse and violence, collect evidence on abuse and violence to prevent future cases, seek to change behaviors/scenarios that lead to child abuse and violence.

Does your program, or a program that you are well aware of, align with these priorities?

If so, please complete this very brief expression of Interest form to nominate a program for the CEI-CHMI West Africa Innovation Search.

If your program is located outside of Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Cote D’Ivoire but offers a unique approach to tackling key child health, education, and violence prevention challenges please complete this form so your program may be considered for inclusion in our adaptation research.

Responses must be received by May 15th, 2015 to be included in the search.

Please email Daniel Plaut with any questions.

Images courtesy of IHH Insani Yardim

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