CEI India

Mindspark Centers

Mindspark Centres are technology-based remedial centres which help underprivileged students of classes 1-8 learn Hindi language and Mathematics.India

Remote Rural Education

The program focuses on remote, rural education and enabling access to quality teaching to children in Indian villages through a partner eco system, delivering live, interactive classes in local media.India

ISLI Fellowships

India School Leadership Institute aims to create a pipeline of exceptional school leaders to direct schools that commit to academic achievement and character development of children from underserved communities.India

Chipper Sage Education - English Ever After

Chipper Sage Education's English Ever After program provides tools to help children improve in speaking, reading, and writing in English, including DVDs for children, tactile learning activities, and a telephone support hotline to help teachers prepare and implement English lessons.India


Intensive, immersive residential programs that transform rural youth into English-speaking, computer-literate, knowledge-economy professionals.India


BToppers brings quality education to children through interactive, web-based learning modules.India

Ensuring Children Learn

The Ensuring Children Learn program provides remedial academic support to government school students in primary classes, with the objective of helping them achieve grade-specific competencies so they are performing at grade level by the time they reach secondary school.India

The Modern Story

The Modern Story is an educational organization that bridges the technological and narrative divide by introducing digital skills and storytelling practices to youth and educators.India


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