Inquiry Based Learning Programme (IBLP)

SDF is developing a teacher training program to introduce a hands-on science learning approach that encourages empirical inquiry and increases students’ conceptual understanding of science subjects.Pakistan

Worlds in the Making

Simorgh is developing and testing a tri-lingual (Punjabi, Urdu, and English) primer for class 1 students in Punjab, where the government curriculum is taught in either Urdu or English, to determine whether education in the mother-tongue will enhance learning outcomes.Pakistan

Corporal Punishment Redressal System

Plan International Pakistan is implementing a Corporal Punishment Redressal System to increase school enrollment and student retention by creating a safe environment for school children.Pakistan

3D Conceptual Learning through CAD

Trojans introduced 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses at the secondary school level to enhance the conceptual understanding of science subjects and vocational skills of schoolchildren from the underprivileged areas of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.Pakistan

Video Technology for Teachers

SAHE is seeking to address the content knowledge deficit of teachers and students by training teachers in the use of pocket-size projectors to play instructional videos, such as those from the acclaimed Khan Academy.Pakistan


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