Results for Development Institute

Educar Chile

A free online education portal providing interactive instructional and training materials as well as networking to students, teachers, administrators, and parents throughout Chile.Chile


A public-private school management pilot which provides increased government funding to Mexico's most vulnerable school zones by promoting collaborative decision making and capacity building.Mexico

Ghana Reads

Seeking to improve literacy among elementary level children from low-income families, the Ghana Reads program provides teacher “coaches” that help teachers deliver a more interactive, activity-based curriculum while also supplying schools with Basic e-Learning Library (BeLL) systems with up to two terabytes of educational resources.Ghana

Gestión y Liderazgo Escolar

A comprehensive and nationally scaled pathway for developing effective school management, which includes tools for self-evaluation and professional development.Chile

Techniques for Effective Teaching Kit

Using Sesame Workshop's interactive media model, the Techniques for Effective Teaching kit includes teacher training modules as well as educator guides and outreach materials that aim at giving Ghanaian teachers the opportunity to build on their teaching skills and improve learning outcomes.Ghana


Vittana is the pioneer provider of digitally crowd-funded microloans to students in the developing world who could otherwise not afford higher education.BoliviaUnited States of America

Fundación Ventanas

Fundación Ventanas provides academically-promising students who could otherwise not afford higher education with interest-free loans, along with a comprehensive mentorship program, to pursue either university or vocational degrees.Colombia

Maestro 100 Puntos

Premio Maestro 100 Puntos (The 100 Point Teacher Prize) is awarded to ten teachers annually for innovative projects in primary education with the goal of replicating best practices through workshops across the country.Guatemala

Mexicanos Primero

Mexicanos Primero is a civil society watchdog group, advocating for national-level reform to Mexico’s public education system through in-depth research, policy proposals, communications campaigns, and outreach linking the private sector, academia, teachers unions, government, and international actors.Mexico


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