Results for Development Institute

Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

A financially self-sufficient network of secondary schools which give low-income students the opportunity to receive a quality education while learning practical agricultural and business skills through operating real microenterprises on campus.Paraguay

Tiempo de Juego

Tiempo de Juego develops integral social skills and life skills in youth from the most vulnerable and violent communities of Colombia through sports and other recreational activities.Colombia

Palabrario & Numerario

Reaching nearly 400,000 students across Colombia, Palabrario & Numerario (Literacy and Numeracy) is a community-oriented teacher-training program that works with primary schools at the municipal level over the course of three years.Colombia

Elige Educar

Elige Educar aims to improve the quality of Chile’s teachers through influencing public policy, attracting top students to enter the profession, and launching national media campaigns to enhance the societal perception of teaching.Chile

Total Learning Environment

iSchool is an online multi-media e-learning package that includes both teacher lesson plans and interactive learning content.Zambia


BridgeIT uses mobile phones to deliver professional development materials and educational resources to teachers.Philippines


KnowledgeBeat serves children in Zambia through educational camps in the areas of girls empowerment, HIV/AIDS awareness, and environmental education, focusing on the development of non-cognitive and soft skills.Zambia

Pratham Balwadi

Pratham's Balwadi and early childhood education program provides pre-school education to children age 3-5 in urban slums and some rural communities across India.India

Passerelles Numeriques

Passerelles Numeriques provides combined training in IT skills, English language, and soft skills in its own centers and through partnerships with local universities -- all with the goal of connecting students with skilled employment in ICT jobs upon graduating.Cambodia

Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn delivers curriculum-aligned e-learning content and materials over television and the internet for use by students, teachers and parents in the classroom and at home, aimed to increase learning outcomes by providing up-to-date, accessible, and interactive learning experiences for African youth.South Africa


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