The Sozo Educentre

Through offering free tutoring, career guidance and mentorship, the Sozo Educentre aims to provide a secure and supportive environment for high school students living in a low-income community throughout their high school careers.South Africa

Early Inspiration

Early Inspiration is an intervention program that provides training and support for parents and ECD practitioners to maximize young children’s learning and social adjustment capabilities in South Africa through facilitator training as well as a strong emphasis on family home visits for the most at-risk children & families.South Africa

Rural Education Access Programme (REAP)

REAP assists talented students from low-income rural areas in South Africa that are graduating from secondary school in accessing higher education by providing them with financial backing, mentorship, and life skills training.South Africa

ECD @ Home

The program provides educational toy boxes suitable for infants, as well as ECD training of home-based care teams and parents to enable optimal use of the educational toys.South Africa

Jujurha Education Centre (JEC)

The program addresses the need for Early Childhood Development (ECD) education in the villages of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area through an education center with a holistic focus on physical, social, emotional, and mental development.South Africa

Carel du Toit Centre

Carel du Toit Centre is a school and early-intervention program helping children who are born deaf to acquire spoken language skills so they can enter mainstream education.South Africa

Good Work Foundation

Bringing educational interventions to rural South Africa to promote digital, English, and math literacy and life skills through digital learning centers, as well as further training through career training academies.South Africa

Sparrow Schools

Sparrow Schools aims to see that children with barriers to learning are equipped with education and skills through targeted curriculum and support.South Africa

Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences (MCIS)

The program delivers teacher development in mathematics, science, technology, and accounting, thus assisting teachers toward sustainability in their schools and young people from disadvantaged communities to higher learning chances.South Africa


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