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ECD @ Home

The ECD @ Home program is implemented in the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area, in the Mbhashe Municipality of the Eastern Cape. This remote, rural area is the poorest in the country, according to the last StatsSA survey. The program is facilitated with daily home visits by our Home Based Care (Community Health Worker) team and twice-weekly playgroup sessions. Parents and caregivers are required to be present for all activities. The Home Based Carers facilitate the sessions with age-appropriate toys, songs, games, story-telling etc.

Background on South Africa

South Africa has one of the largest economies in Africa, but its education challenges are immense. Educational inequality persists as a legacy of the differentiated government administration and school systems characteristic of the Apartheid era.

Now, South Africa is committed to building a new era, and CEI has identified over 120 programs focused on improving the access, quality, and equality of the country’s education ecosystem.

Most programs operate in peri-urban and rural areas targeting children otherwise at risk of not attending school or students with high drop-out rates. In addition, there are several promising models in the areas of teacher training and evaluation, curriculum reforms, education technology, early childhood development.

Database At-A-Glance

Click below to read our Database-at-a-Glance report and find highlights from six common approaches & characteristics across ECD models. Learn about programs focusing on:

1) Student Support
2) School Support
3) Teacher Training and Evaluation
4) Education Technology
5) Skills for Work
6) Early Childhood Education and Development

South Africa's education system is growing more robust by the day. We have found a strong concentration of programs working in school and student support.

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