Teacher attendance

Teach the Teacher Program

The Teach the Teacher Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, provides training for Cambodian teachers through workshops delivered with assistance from volunteer Australian teachers; mentoring programs that provide continuing in-class support for teachers from Cambodian peer leaders trained by local staff; and relevant teaching resources.Cambodia

Vutakaka Junior School

Vutakaka Junior School is a primary school in the coastal region of Kenya following the national curriculum with a focus on strengthening English speaking and teaching skills to improve learning.Kenya

Educational Leadership Development

Investing in future leaders by assisting department officials, school leaders (pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools) and Staff Management Teams to become better equipped to deal with challenges through coaching, mentoring, and training.South Africa

WEMA Kindergarten

The WEMA Kindergarten is an ECD school educating rescued street children from the coastal region of Kenya.Kenya

Community Empowerment Program (Tostan)

Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) uses a nonformal, human rights-based approach to education wherein it aims to empower communities with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to develop their own futures.Senegal

Akazi Kanoze

Akazi Kanoze is a youth livelihood program that works to improve youth access to employment opportunities by creating effective linkages between youth, the Rwandan economy and the public and private sectors.Rwanda

Pebbles Project

A multifaceted approach to supporting learners (0-18 years) from farm worker communities in the Western Cape, with expertise in special education.South Africa


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