Master/doctoral or equivalent


NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) recruits and hires displaced Syrians as language partners and connects them to Arabic learners around the world, providing affordable intercultural and language exchange by leveraging available online communication technologies.United States of AmericaLebanon


Simer serves as a platform where schools, students, staff, parents, course instructors, individuals, book publishers, game creators, app developers etc.Nigeria

Mount Kenya Enterprise Academy

The Mount Kenya Enterprise Academy's mission is to catalyze the youth to be drivers of change through entrepreneurial mentorship and training.Kenya

Tomorrow Trust

Tomorrow Trust supports orphaned and vulnerable children to achieve their educational goals as part of an exit strategy from charity.South Africa

Lumni Peru

Lumni Peru seeks to increase access to higher education in Peru through an innovative financing model in which Lumni-Peru pays for higher education for promising students, who, in return, commit a set percentage of their future earnings for a defined period of time to pay back Lumni-Peru.Peru

Global Give Back Circle

The Global Give Back Circle is an initiatve implemented by the Kenya Community Development Foundation to empower disadvantaged girls through the use of mentors to help girls break the cycle of poverty.Kenya

Mara Mentor

Mara Mentor is an online community accessible on a website and App that connects ambitious entrepreneurs with successful business leaders, like-minded individuals and online tools and resources.Nigeria


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