Pre-primary education 3 years to start of primary (ISCED 02)

Mother Child Education Program

Mother Child Education Program is a home-based early childhood development program designed for preschool children aged 5-6 years and their mothers.Turkey

Uday Samudaik Pathshalas

Support, strengthen, and popularize the idea of a child-centric innovative education system through endeavors of quality in education so that communities start demanding the same from the existing education-providing structures.India

FACE Salam Project for Street Children

Salam Project for Street Children seeks to significantly reduce the number of street children living and working on the streets of Cairo by providing outreach and drop-in services (basic health and nutritional services) that emphasize alternative livelihood strategies and offer vocational training services leading to eventual social integration.Egypt

VICDA School Projects

VICDA identify underprivileged communities in need of support in the areas of health/nutrition, education, and sanitation among other projects.Kenya

ISLI Fellowships

India School Leadership Institute aims to create a pipeline of exceptional school leaders to direct schools that commit to academic achievement and character development of children from underserved communities.India


Siyakwazi provides learning support for students, irrespective of disabilities or learning difficulties.South Africa

Innovative Program

The program focuses on providing educational and health care support to drop-out and out-of-school children and enrolling them in regular schools.India

Vutakaka Junior School

Vutakaka Junior School is a primary school in the coastal region of Kenya following the national curriculum with a focus on strengthening English speaking and teaching skills to improve learning.Kenya

Mobjap Children's Center

Mobjap Children's Center provides ECD and early primary schooling to orphans and vulnerable children in the informal settlement of Kibera.Kenya


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