Short-cycle tertiary

Global Give Back Circle

The Global Give Back Circle is an initiatve implemented by the Kenya Community Development Foundation to empower disadvantaged girls through the use of mentors to help girls break the cycle of poverty.Kenya

Shamba Shape Up

Shamba Shape Up is Kenya’s first reality-style farming TV program guiding small-scale farmers on topics such as improved pest management, irrigation, cattle rearing, poultry keeping, financial education, and crop management techniques, in an engaging and educational way.Kenya

Educational Leadership Development

Investing in future leaders by assisting department officials, school leaders (pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools) and Staff Management Teams to become better equipped to deal with challenges through coaching, mentoring, and training.South Africa

Mara Mentor

Mara Mentor is an online community accessible on a website and App that connects ambitious entrepreneurs with successful business leaders, like-minded individuals and online tools and resources.Nigeria

Career Planet

A web and mobile platform connecting young people to career guidance, bursary and apprenticeship opportunities, entrepreneurship ,skills development and job vacancies.South Africa

Camara - Transforming Education

Camara is a Not-for-Profit operating a social enterprise model that uses technology to deliver 21st Century Skills to improve education in disadvantaged communities in Kenya.Kenya

Young Africa

Young Africa runs vocational skills training centers that are designed to equip youth between the ages of 15 and 25 with both vocational skills and life skills to enable them to lead productive and purposeful lives.Zimbabwe


TSiBA is a not-for-profit business school, offering free tuition, with a ‘pay it forward’ ethos.South Africa


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