Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)

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Originally set up by leaders of the alternative investment industry, ARK is an international organization that delivers high social returns on philanthropy, leveraging intellectual, financial and political investment.  ARK's education programs aim to harness the academic potential and life opportunities of as many children as possible, and to focus on ensuring that children have access to an excellent education, regardless of their background. 

Internationally and in the UK, ARK funds a number of initiatives to equip teachers with the skills needed to raise the educational achievements of disadvantaged children, and focus efforts, both in grant making and direct program operations, on innovative solutions for improving access and quality in both primary and secondary education.

Funding Priorities

Grants$1 million and upMost are for longer than 3 years of guaranteed support$1 million and up£14million
India: 40%: Focus primary Uganda: 50%: Focus secondary US: 10%: Focus secondary
ARK Education Voucher Program

Supplementary documents

PDF icon ARK Annual Report 2012 PDF final.pdf

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