The David & Elaine Potter Foundation

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The David & Elaine Potter Foundation is a charitable grant-giving foundation, which aims to encourage a stronger and fairer society. The foundation supports charities in the UK and abroad and has three main areas of focus: Education, Civil Society, and Research.

The foundation provides grants that contribute to economic development and well-being in a plural, rational, and tolerant society. Its purpose is to support projects promoting reason, human rights, and education that will improve understanding, governance, and a stronger civil society, particularly in low and middle income countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Its initial aim was to improve quality and access to education in Africa, but experience showed that the improvement of education was often hampered by failures of governance – of inequality and corruption. Hence, the foundation also started to provide grants to help the growth of civil society and governance to create a platform upon which education could flourish and be effective.

The foundation's belief is that at the root of a strong society is an educated populace with access to good quality information. Without education, people struggle to participate in decision-making and change; therefore, the foundation supports projects which promote education for all people.

It funds projects that work on improving policy, practices and techniques, and sustainability with particular focus on those that are directed at education in support of economic and social well-being in low and middle income countries, especially in southern Africa.

Funding Priorities

Endowment/Core fundingGrantsUnder $100,000Most are one-time contributions/investments$1 million and up

Who we work with: