Global Education Fund

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Global Education Fund's mission is to improve the lives of children living in poverty around the world through education. We work with local partners that are leading innovative approaches to increase access, quality, and relevance of education for children living in poverty.  
The Fund's partners work within the formal education system and/or provide other complementary learning opportunities for girls and boys. These range from, for example, working on youth leadership and social entrepreneurship development to creating STEAM based learning (Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Mathematics) opportunities and developing curriculum/teacher training approaches.  
The NGOs supported by the Fund are focused on reaching groups marginalized or disadvantaged as a result of gender, caste, ethnicity, poverty, and/or geography in selected areas of Kenya, India, and Guatemala.

Funding Priorities

GrantsUnder $100,000Most are for longer than 3 years of guaranteed support$100,000-$500,000

Who we work with: