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  • IDP Foundation views philanthropy as a means to support sustainable investment in educational initiatives. Developing innovative, scalable and replicable programs through sustainable initiatives that move away from aid based models and lead to greater progress in the achievement of education for the most deprived.


  • IDP Foundation believe that education is the way to conquer the world’s greatest challenges.
  • IDP Foundation believes that everyone should have equal access to educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and that a combination of smart philanthropy and investment can galvanize solutions to make that future a reality.


IDP Foundation looks critically at key issues in education and provide a broad range of grants, investment, and program development services.

The foundation strives to support and create successful educational advancement at various levels through numerous methods that emphasize innovation, development, and progress. Since inception the main focus of granting has been the IDP Rising Schools program, which targets low-cost private school proprietors to provide tailored business management and school administration training followed by access to capital. However the IDP Foundation also provides grant support to organizations that focus on pre-school interventions in social and emotional learning, effective teaching techniques for primary teachers, and post-doctoral scientific and medical research.  In addition, the IDP Foundation advocates for the inclusion of complementary education institutions in government and bilateral or multilateral policies. 

Funding Priorities

Grants$100,000-$500,000Most are for 2-3 years of guaranteed support$500,000-$1 million
75% focused on Low Cost Private Schools, 15% on Tertiary and Secondary Education, and 10% on Tutoring, Advocacy, and other initiatives 85% focused on Sub-Saharan Africa and 15% on the United States

Grants constitute 100% of the portfolio

IDP Rising Schools

Who we work with: