The LEGO Foundation

Denmark1986Private Foundation

The LEGO Foundation seeks to transform attitudes and behaviours about learning and play across society. The Foundation works with parents, carers, schools systems, institutions and governments, with a focus on children aged 0-12, and a special emphasis on early childhood where children develop most rapidly, both physically and mentally.

The LEGO Foundation's model leverages three approaches

  • - Identify and support programmes as examples of play that works
  • - Build and share evidence to explain the value of play
  • - Communicate to gain buy-in about how children best learn for life

Please note that the LEGO Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests.

Funding Priorities

Grants$100 million and up

In 2015, 150,000 students benefited from learning through play in LEGO Foundation projects. These projects involve cash grants, training and education of staff, research and LEGO® products

Developing Talents Through Creative PlayORT SA CAPETREE (Training & Resources in Early Education)

Who we work with: