Liquidnet For Good

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Liquidnet For Good is the giving arm of the progressive financial services firm Liquidnet. Liquidnet calls this approach "corporate impact," which is designed to harness the full spectrum of the company’s resources – technology, human capital, creative capital, and financial capital – to create value in the world beyond financial return, focusing on three areas: local communities, global challenges, and the broader infrastructure of change. 

Funding Priorities

Grants$1 million and upMost are investments of between 5-10 years (“Patient Capital”)$1 million and up
Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village: At the heart of Liquidnet For Good is a very special relationship with a groundbreaking nonprofit in Rwanda, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village ( More than a boarding school, the ASYV is a home, community, and high school for 500 orphans and vulnerable teenagers who come from all corners of Rwanda. The ASYV was created as a response to 1994 Rwandan genocide, a youth village to provide holistic care for orphans based on an Israeli model that served orphans from the Holocaust (“agahozo” is the Rwandan word for “place where tears are dried”). Today the ASYV stands as a place of healing and of hope, providing orphans with a warm and loving environment in which they can live, learn, heal, and dream.
Liquidnet has been involved with the ASYV since the very beginning. Beyond financial support, the company has organized a volunteer network – the Liquidnet Family – of employees, spouses, and family members, who have dedicated their time, talent, passion, and resources to support this project. Each year, teams from the Liquidnet Family travel to Rwanda to lend expertise to support the project. As a tribute, the formal education program at the ASYV is called the Liquidnet Family High School.

Who we work with: