MacArthur Foundation

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The MacArthur Foundation provides significant funding for programs and research that address the challenges to secondary education in developing countries. In 2012, the MacArthur Foundation partnered with a donor collaborative to form the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (PSIPSE). PSIPSE has funded more than $8 million and pledged another $10 million for educational opportunities for children in East Africa, Nigeria, and India.

The MacArthur Foundation focuses on engaging marginalized girls in education through its Girls’ Secondary Education in Developing Countries program. This program aims to improve participation rates for girls in formal secondary education or similar non-formal programs by funding:

  • Projects that provide solutions for girls to access secondary education
  • Research that explores the gap in knowledge about secondary education, quality learning, and girls’ access to education
  • Advocacy programs that influence public policy regarding national and local education

The MacArthur Foundation currently funds projects on secondary education for girls in Uganda, Nigeria, and India while collaborating with others at the international level.

Funding Priorities

Grants$100,000-$500,000$500,000-$1 millionMost are for 2-3 years of guaranteed support$1 million and up£5,000,000million
Evenly distributed between Nigeria, India, East Africa, and global policy programs.

Grants constitute 100% of portfolio

Who we work with: