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Promethean’s roots began in education. Over the years Promethean has grown into a leading education solutions provider, guiding and supporting forward-thinking institutions around the world in an effort to increase achievement among teachers and students alike.

Promethean believe that learning never ends. Growth, curiosity and the quest for knowledge do not end in a classroom or at graduation—they live on in all humans at every age, in all environments. We are all students, learning from and with one another in a global classroom that encompasses a lifetime of experiences.

Because learning never ends, neither does the need to inspire and be inspired—in classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms and beyond. This core belief led Promethean to the decision to expand the provision of integrated, interactive offerings outside of the classroom and into the business and government sectors.

Promethean strives to bring the light of knowledge to the world. Since inception, Promethean has focused on understanding how to engage minds and inspire ideas by designing industry-leading interactive solutions that transform the way we learn, teach and collaborate. Promethean combines innovation, real-world experience, scientific insight and thought leadership to help realize the fullest potential of every instructor, presenter and student everywhere—from the classroom to the boardroom to any space where information and collaboration meet to promote the sharing of knowledge.

Promethean creates, develops, supplies and supports interactive solutions that span all ages and market sectors, from traditional education to business and government.  This includes developing solutions that work together seamlessly to create an integrated and interactive environment that brings the vision of a more engaged, successful education to life. Promethean believe that an active, holistic learning experience can empower people everywhere to reach higher levels of individual and collective achievement. Easily implemented and user-friendly, Promethean's integrated, technology-enabled environment is comprised of interactive whiteboards, learner response systems, software, training and professional development, resources and instructor communities, all proven to improve educational results.

Funding Priorities

GrantsIn-kind contributionsContractsUnder $100,000Most are for 2-3 years of guaranteed support$100,000-$500,000

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