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Standard Chartered views education as one of the best interventions to enable economic opportunity, so young people can make meaningful contributions to their families, communities, and economies. Its education agenda addresses four main categories: basic math/life skills, financial education, financial inclusion, and workforce development and job readiness.

Within education, it has three main programs.

Goal – The Bank's leading educational program that targets adolescent girls ages 12-20 from low income, urban areas through a combination of sports, education, and economic opportunity. Goal spans all four pillars of the Bank's education agenda.

  • Goal’s objective is to provide girls with financial education, life skills, and employability training so that they can play active roles in their families, communities, and economies.
  • The Goal curriculum is currently based upon four training modules focusing on financial literacy, ‘Be Money Savvy’; communication skills, ‘Be Yourself’; health and hygiene, ‘Be Healthy’; and confidence and life skills, ‘Be Empowered’.
  • The program is currently being strengthened so that Goal champions are more prepared for employment opportunities in their communities.

Financial Education for Youth – Recognizing that the lack of financial education is a barrier to financial inclusion, the Bank developed a series of 12 modules to help build the financial capability of young people in our markets (ages 12-20).

  • The curriculum covers topics that include borrowing, budgeting, expenditure, income, making financial choices, money basics, products and services, risk/safety/security, saving and investment, starting a business, and tax.
  • The modules are delivered by employee volunteers, which makes the program a great avenue to encourage skills based volunteering.

Education for Entrepreneurs – Small businesses are the backbone of many economies; to ensure small businesses drive economic growth, the Bank supports them through financing and education.

  • In 2013, Standard Chartered partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to develop a curriculum that would build the capacity of micro and small non client enterprises.
  • The curriculum covers topics such as cash flow management, budgeting, accounting, and business planning. 
  • Employee volunteers teach the modules to micro and small enterprises to ensure they have the tools they need to grow their businesses. 

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