UBS Optimus Foundation

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The UBS Optimus Foundation is a grant-making foundation working to break down barriers that prevent children from reaching their potential by funding leading organizations to improve the health, education and protection of children.
Within education, Optimus focuses on the following opportunity areas:
  • Integrated approach to early childhood development – Parents, educators, and communities are encouraged to promote early education (integrating health, nutrition and violence prevention) through financial and non- financial incentives.
  • Children fit for school – Teachers, administrators, parents, and communities actively support children as they prepare for and stay in school.
  • Schools fit for children – Effective, relevant and affordable tools and systems can help boost educational achievement (with a focus on non-state actors).

In the realm of non-state education, Optimus focuses on supporting low-cost private schools able to demonstrating a scalable, sustainable and replicable model to extend access to high quality, low-cost education for the poor.

Funding Priorities

Grants$100,000-$500,000$500,000-$1 millionMost are for 2-3 years of guaranteed support$1 million and upBeautiful Tree Trust and Empathy Learning SystemsIlifa Labantwana Sobambisana InitiativeOmega SchoolsaeioTU

Who we work with: