Train Your Brain

This program seeks to bridge the digital divide and enhance teaching and learning by creating a digital platform to distribute and share resources loaded onto a server for students and teachers to access using tablets.South Africa

Edulever’s Vocational Training Support Program

This program develops curricula on soft skills as well as technical skills for vocational training programs, conducts teacher training, and develops program processes for vocational training programs of several corporates and civil society organizations.India


Obami is a social learning platform that provides a secure space for people to create or join learning communities so that educators and learners can connect, create, share, and learn from each other.South Africa

Campus Night School

Campus Night School provides out-of-school boys with access to affordable night classes, thus addressing the large gap in boys’ education in Anambra State.Nigeria

BagoSphere Call Center Course

BagoSphere is a social enterprise vocational training company in the Philippines that trains highly motivated, rural, BoP youth to become employed in call centers, whereby their income is 4x higher than in unskilled jobs.Philippines


MLA is an online and mobile SMS learning platform that provides an array of professional development content including virtual teacher-training courses.Nigeria

Sudiksha’s Base of Pyramid

The program seeks to develop entrepreneurs within local communities through setting up Base of Pyramid schools which are run by entrepreneurs from the community, most of whom are low wage earners in the informal sector.India


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