Girls' Education Challenge Forum

The GEC programme is a £300 million DFID programme with the aim of enabling up to a million marginalised girls to access and stay in education to increase their learning. The initiative calls on non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities and the private sector to find better ways of getting girls in school and ensuring they receive a quality of education to transform their future. The programme operates across 18 countries across Africa and Asia through three windows. Step Change projects are led by non-state organisations, quickly and effectively expanding education opportunities for an estimated 650,000 girls at primary and secondary level in 9 focus countries. Innovation projects present significant innovation, including technological innovations, developing new partnerships, adapting proven solutions for new geographies, communities or age groups, and engaging females in decision-making processes. Strategic Partnerships provide match-funding to private sector partners that explore new ways of improving learning opportunities for girls in remote and/or marginalised communities. Together with GEC, CEI is hosting an online community of practice for members of GEC-funded projects to foster ‘peer-to-peer’ knowledge exchange and lesson learning. Members can contact one another, ask questions, participate in discussions, and access and share useful resources throughout project implementation.

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