Investing in Education: Lessons from the Global Business Community

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As world leaders prepare to approve the 2030 development agenda for education, the international education community is increasingly recognizing the central role the private sector plays in supporting the opportunity for and delivery of quality education. Concurrently, education is the issue most commonly addressed by company action taken to advance UN goals, demonstrating that the business community also views education as a top global development priority. As the world becomes more interconnected and sustainability challenges are increasingly global, better coordination between the United nations, government, private sector, and civil society is critical for delivering quality learning opportunities for all that benefit both society and business.

The following analysis showcases different examples of rationale and strategic planning to develop a smart investment in education. These examples are intended to provide practical ideas on how to make the business case for investments in education and plan for impact. They also highlight specific elements of investments and lessons learned to guide responsible engagment in education.

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