Policy & Analysis

Supporting The Early Childhood Workforce at Scale: The Cuna Más Home Visiting Program in Peru

This study is intended for home visiting program managers who want to understand the implementation challenges facing the workforce and learn how to overcome them. The country-level analysis and actionable policy recommendations in the study will be useful also for policymakers who want to improve the quality and scale of early childhood development services.

Strengthening and Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Training and Professional Development

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative (ECWI) is a global, multi-sectoral effort to mobilize countries and international partners to support and empower those who work with families and children under age 8. This initiative is jointly led by Results for Development (R4D) and the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), and supported by a consortium of funders including Bernard van Leer Foundation, Open Society Foundations, ELMA Foundation, and Jacobs Foundation.

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