School support

Know Zone Rwanda

Know Zone supports literacy, numeracy and life-skills learning through a combination of drama, storytelling, animation and studio-based programmes, backed up with interactive support materials.Rwanda

iWitness in Rwanda

The iWitness in Rwanda project uses witness testimony of genocide via internet based resources to promote positive values through increasing the understanding of genocide.Rwanda

AflaAcademy for Financial and Social Education

This project implemented the Aflatoun program offering financial and social education to Rwandan children through a learner-centered teacher training program drawing on active learning methods, and aims to build the capacities of young people to become responsible citizens and entrepreneurs.Rwanda

Mentorship Community of Practice

The Mentorship Community of Practice leverages information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enable school-based mentors to find and share resources and connect with each other to support Rwanda’s basic education teachers.Rwanda


Who we work with: