School support

Brighter Futures Programme

In close collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES), the Sabre Charitable Trust's Brighter Futures Programme aims to improve the future of poor and marginalized young children in rural Ghana by building innovative learning environments (Building Better Schools) and providing Transformational Teacher Training.Ghana

Jujurha Education Centre (JEC)

The program addresses the need for Early Childhood Development (ECD) education in the villages of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area through an education center with a holistic focus on physical, social, emotional, and mental development.South Africa

Deportes para Compartir

Deportes para Compartir raises awareness about global challenges, activates global citizenship, and encourages the practice of civic values, development of a healthy lifestyle, and respect for cultural diversity in elementary school students through physical activities and games.


Simer serves as a platform where schools, students, staff, parents, course instructors, individuals, book publishers, game creators, app developers etc.Nigeria

S.L.U.M.S (Student Leaders Understanding My Slums)

Through Service Learning, youth in informal settlements redifine the narrative about urban settlements, engage with their community's problems and bring exposure to the various plights, whilst creating new solutions for upgrading.Kenya

Volunteer Corps Tutoring Program

Volunteer Corps is committed to impacting the less privileged children in the senior secondary schools by complementing the effort of the teachers in teaching the curriculum and life skills.Nigeria

Promoting Access to Community Education (PACE)

PACE leverages the large proportion of Kenyan youth who are transitioning between high school and university and engages and trains them as teaching assistants to serve in some of the most disadvantaged schools for a period of three to six months.Kenya

Creative Thinking Program

Bulungi Creative is a program for primary school children in Uganda that works through primary educators to teach the importance of thinking critically, challenging everything, and forming individual opinions and ideas.Uganda


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