Abaarso School of Science and Technology

The Abaarso School is a secondary boarding school providing a high-quality education to Somali girls and boys. In addition to completing a rigorous curriculum with heavy focuses on English, math, and science, students participate in extracurricular activities and tutor in the local community.

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Abaarso School is a high-quality, secondary boarding school designed to prepare students in Somalia to later pursue a university education. Students sit for a free entrance exam that covers math, English, logic, and reasoning and are admitted to the school based purely on academic achievement. The school's population is socio-economically diverse, comprised of some students who can afford full tuition, while the vast majority may receive scholarships or loans to cover some or all of the cost of attending. Abaarso school recently began a pilot program in partnership with Kiva to provide students with no-interest loans.

The curriculum is rigorous, with a strong emphasis placed on English language acquisition and the math and sciences. Abaarso School also places immense value in the development of the whole child, focusing on integrity, tenacity, and reasoning. Outside of the classroom, students participate in a number of extracurricular activities, including playing on school sports teams and tutoring in the local community. Through the school's community service program, students are required to spend a minimum of 4 hours each week doing community service such as tutoring children in the local village or orphanage. This year, 5 children from the orphanage and local village were accepted into the school's 7th grade.

Abaarso School is entirely run by volunteers and graduated its first class in July 2013. 

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