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High Quality Digital Education: With a-ACADEMY's digital curriculum, learning finally becomes exciting, captivating, motivating, effective, and successful.

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a-ACADEMY Smart Learning is an easy to use interactive digital learning tool. As it contains features such as a digital lesson plan and exciting learning activities, which are structured in units, it becomes easy for schools to offer their students thrilling interactive lessons within a classroom setting. a-ACADEMY is also ideally suited to serve as an independent study tool for students to digitally reinforce topics in an exciting and motivating way.

The content is developed by professional Kenyan educationists in close collaboration with an international team of editors. Together, they ensure that the product is of highest international standards and meets the local educational needs. All content is aligned to the Kenyan curriculum.

a-ACADEMY’s appealing user interface is designed with children in mind: interactive and easy to navigate. Thousands of minutes of interactive digital content are logically structured in subjects, units, and lessons and are taught through exciting learning activities. Ticking the right answers, filling in gaps, solving crossword puzzles, and answering questions on integrated videos and audio activities are a few examples of the interactive activities that will enable learners to achieve their academic goals.

a-ACADEMY also features a section on Term Assessment that contains more than 25 activities at examination levels to prepare the pupils for their exams.

a-ACADEMY improves the technology skills of learners who use it, leading to success in the rapidly digitizing 21st century. It runs on computers, smart boards, and on tablets. With low system requirements, it can be used in areas with limited resources and challenging infrastructure. a-ACADEMY is available both offline and online.

a-ACADEMY has been piloted in a variety of school across Kenya including private schools, government schools, and low-cost private schools. It is currently available with primary curriculum. The digital content is delivered to schools that utilize it on their own devices (e.g. pupils may each have a tablet, or students may one computer to share across a school). Avallian support teachers in implementing the digital content by providing teacher training sessions on how to teach most effectively with a-ACADEMY. As part of this training teachers are also trained on classroom management, school systems and operations, student support, child-based approaches, and gender sensitive pedagogy.

An appealing user interface designed with the children in mind; whole curriculum digitized and logically structured in subjects, units, and lessons and taught through exciting learning activities.

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