Achieving Learning Outcomes for All (ALOA)

ALOA trains and supports teachers on an ongoing basis to use learner-centered methods in their classrooms.

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This program was piloted with support from the Innovation for Education Fund, a partnership between the Governments of Rwanda and the UK, managed by Cambridge Education


This project aims to address the issue of quality and inclusion in primary schools. Teachers are trained and supported on an ongoing basis to use learner-centered methods in their classrooms.

Selected teachers mentored others through the transition to using such new techniques in the classroom. There was also a significant school leadership element to this project as Head
Teachers were trained in innovative methods for supporting effective teaching and learning.

The project was implemented nationwide within 9 different districts (Ngoma, Karongi, Nyamasheke,
Muhanga, Burera, Nyamagabe, Gisagara, Bugesera and Rulindo).

The approach was innovative in that it provided extensive training for in-service teachers in learner-centered methods, with a specific focus on using teacher peer support mechanisms, something which was new to Rwandan context.The Government of Rwanda (GoR) has been very successful in getting most children to attend school, however, the quality of teaching and learning remains a huge challenge.

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