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The Education Program of ADEMA-Haiti oversees the implementation of the country's education policies in schools of the North West region and helps school attain the national education objectives through a series of activities and workshops.

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North-WestJean-Rabel, Bombardopolis, Môle-Saint-Nicolas, Baie-de-HenneUrban

The ADEMA Education Program is a public-private partnership that seeks to implement the Haitian education Ministry's increasingly de-centralized approach to education in the Jean-Rabel School District. ADEMA seeks to achieve two main results: supporting and encouraging vulnerable families to send their children to school and reducing the number of overaged children in school. ADEMA works directly with EFACAP (Ecole Fondamentale d'Application et Centre d'Appui Pédagogique), a network of 30 public and low-cost private schools. ADEMA supports this network of schools through a series of activities, which include teacher training, provision of equipment, management of over aged children, support of marginalized children and governance reinforcement. To achieve these objectives, ADEMA aligns its experience to the Haitian Ministry of Education's expertise on professional development. The project involves different stakeholders such as parents, political representatives and teachers' unions. 

ADEMA provides comprehensive support to its network of primary schools. The teacher training component of the program provides technical and financial support to the l'Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs, the institution that trains teachers in Haiti. ADEMA provides pedagogical consulting and specific training targeted towards students with learning difficulties. The project also provides schools with administrative equipment such as pedagogical and didactic guides, sample student registration sheets and inventory of equipment.  ADEMA also supports schools with students whose age is superior to the average age in their grades, by providing them with administrative and pedagogical support, in order to ensure that teachers and parents alike are aware of the phenomenon. ADEMA works to re-integrate over aged students in the school system and ensures their fast graduation rate. Another component of ADEMA's support to its network of schools is the financial help it provides to students from disadvantaged backgrounds through the implementation of the national strategy: Education for all. Finally, ADEMA works to re-inforce the relationships between schools and communities by making parents stakeholders in their children's education. 

ADEMA is a Haitian non-Governmental, not-for-profit organization working in the north-western region. It was founded to serve as the link between government authorities and school networks. In addition to education, ADEMA also works on local development, food security, access to quality water and sanitation. ADEMA places education at the core of its strategy to achieve economic and human development in Haiti. 

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