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FEPADE partners with private businesses to invest in and improve public schools in El Salvador. The project funds scholarships, equipment and materials, teacher training, technical assistance, risk and natural disaster prevention workshops, libraries, computers, and infrastructure.
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FEPADE's (Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo) "Adopt a School" project was developed with the goal of supporting the private sector in El Salvador to adopt schools and improve the quality of public education. With funding from both the private sector and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), FEPADE works with the Ministry of Education to identify public schools in need. Private businesses then "adopt" schools open to receiving support.

USAID's matching grant program is currently scheduled to end in 2014. Since 2010, USAID has matched funds raised by FEPADE at 1:1; so far FEPADE has raised over $6 million USD. Funds from the private sector target infrastructure, scholarships, equipment and materials, and extracurricular activities. USAID grant money is used for technical assistance, risk and natural disaster prevention workshops, libraries, furniture, computers, and teacher training. Teachers may be trained in the areas of languages, mathematics, science, and educational technology. The program is implemented differently in each school, depending on its specific needs. A diagnostic baseline is conducted for each school with which FEPADE partners to identify the areas most in need of support through the program. 

Adopte una Escuela works with pre-school, primary, and secondary schools and every school receives unique support depending on individual needs. Each school also receives copies of AB-Sé, a magazine published by FEPADE that disseminates best practices to public school teachers. 


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