Akazi Kanoze

Akazi Kanoze is a youth livelihood program that works to improve youth access to employment opportunities by creating effective linkages between youth, the Rwandan economy and the public and private sectors.

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Launched in 2009, Akazi Kanoze (AK) is funded by USAID and is implemented by the Education Development Center Inc. (EDC) The program works in collaboration with multiple local and international partners that are spread out across Rwanda. AK’s work readiness/soft skills training program is targeted to Rwandan youth aged 14-24. In rural areas, however, the program caters to participants as old as 35 years of age. Program participants range from youth that have dropped out of school as early as grade four to university graduates.

AK provides Rwandan youth with hands-on work readiness and entrepreneurship soft skills, short term vocational skills training and linkages into the job market. The program utilizes the Rwandan Youth Work Readiness Curriculum which comprises of eight modules in personal development, communication, work habits, leadership and financial and market literacy among others. The curriculum is designed to educate youth with foundational skills and knowledge which will enable them to become healthy productive workers and participants in civic and community affairs. The work readiness training course typically lasts for about 100 hours, complemented by 35 hours of entrepreneurship training. The program curriculum is flexible enough to cater to varying knowledge and skill levels of participants. In addition to increasing youth access to employment and self-employment opportunities, AK also seeks to build capacity of local organizations that are working towards youth workforce development and to contribute to implementing national policies in this area. The program is committed to creating and sustaining collaborations between local government institutions, donors, NGOs, education and training providers and the private sector.

Akazi Kanoze employs various activities to fulfill its mission of providing Rwandan youth with the necessary vocational and life skills that will enable them to improve their lifelong livelihood and personal development prospects.

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