is an initiative focused on using applied behaviour analysis to help special needs children overcome learning disabilities. The program focuses on training child care givers to effectively administer activities designed to enhance learning deficiencies in children usually from age zero to ten.

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Location Data was founded on the belief that we can change the world's response to autism and mental health issues through education, sharing information and a positive approach to every interaction. is run by Toks Bakare, a behaviour analyst. She primarily provides treatment services for children with development disorders by designing educational programmes for the children and working with the primary care givers; parent, teachers to effectively implement them. The children are examined in the major developmental areas i.e. their cognitive skills, motor skills, emotional development and their ability to have fun and interact with others. A developmental checklist is developed and specific activities are designed to develop and enhance areas of deficiency. also goes a step further and trains the children’s caregivers to administer these tests properly. works with an interdisciplinary team to address all the needs of the child. Aside from Toks Bakare, the behavior analyst also works with a reading specialist and an education psychologist. also partners with schools that have enrolled special needs children and local clinics to adopt early intervention approach in the schools, to quickly identify signs of learning deficiencies that will prevent educational development in school. also does capacity building for schools with special needs units, by working with teachers, head teachers to better equip them in dealing with special needs children.

The website offers basic information for parents and teachers of special needs children and an electronic platform for parents to ask questions and get assistance from various locations.

The website also offers helpful resources and information on the care of special needs children such as a training document was developed by on Behavioural Approach to Facilitation Techniques in the Classroom

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