Barefoot College Night Schools

Barefoot College Night Schools cater to children unable to attend formal school during the day. Schools seek to create a motivating educational environment for children in rural areas by teaching them local knowledge through engaging learning processes and involving adults in the delivery of education.

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Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, UttaranchalRural

Night schools, or Balasahayog Kendra, cater to communities living either in hamlets or larger villages where children lack access to formal education facilities or cannot attend school during the day, but where communities are rich with traditional knowledge and culture.

Children are offered experiential learning. A children’s parliament is formed after holding elections and, in the process, the children learn about democracy. Each parliament has a prime minister and his or her cabinet. Each member of the parliament visits all Balasahayog Kendra twice a month. Barefoot College conducts three evaluations of the children’s progress per year: the first for teachers, the second for Barefoot College, and the third for other external organizations.

Additionally, there are regular, quarterly health checkups for the children. Puppet shows and films are regularly shown and local community members are invited to share their knowledge with the children. Barefoot College also organizes educational tours to expose the children to the external world. Tours include visits to cities in India, organizations and participation in global meetings. 

Barefoot College now organizes teacher training and ensures the provision of basic materials such as solar lamps, water facilities and learning materials.


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