Beautiful Tree Trust and Empathy Learning Systems

Beautiful Tree Trust (BTT) is a chain of low-cost private schools that offers an affordable education to the poor in Hyderabad’s slums. The chain charges less than 6 USD per month tuition, and the schools rely on curricula and lesson planning materials that are centrally developed by BTT's associated for-profit company, Empathy Learning Systems.

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Beautiful Tree Trust (BTT) and Empathy Learning Systems (ELS) are joint initiatives aiming to extend quality education to the poor in Hyderabad’s old city slums. BTT is a non-profit trust that runs eight English-medium schools serving over 3,000 students in nursery through 10th standard grade levels. ELS is a complementary education services company that provides lesson plans to BTT, trains teachers, and offers other needed support services. Although ELS staff members are closely associated with BTT, they also provide for-profit services to other low-cost private schools that are not run by BTT.

BTT schools target the poor through their low cost structure. They charge between 100-300 Rupees a month, depending on grade level, in addition to yearly fees of up to 500 Rupees. The schools are located within poor communities and normally staffed with teachers from the surrounding areas. The entrepreneur who co-founded and runs the schools, Mohammad Anwar, is well known in the community and respected as a champion of low-cost education in Hyderabad. This shapes the chain’s reputation to parents as a safe and reliable option for educating their children, which is especially important for reaching female students in Hyderabad’s conservative neighborhoods. The schools offer students access to computers and other technology resources.

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