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The Better Schools Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, improves teaching and learning environments in schools through repairing dilapidated classrooms and buildings or building new facilities. This program interfaces with School Development Plans and immediate health and safety needs.

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Battambang and Siem Riep ProvincesBattambang: Ek Phnom & Baval Districts; Siem Riep: Angkor Thom & Puok DistrictRural

The SeeBeyondBorders Better Schools Program improves access to quality education for Cambodian children by assisting District Offices of Education and individual schools and their communities with school infrastructure. This program integrates with the Teach the Teacher and Getting to School programs to provide an integrated solution to the issues that prevent children in rural areas of Cambodia receiving an education.

This program builds, repairs, maintains and improves school buildings and infrastructure. It prioritizes creating safe environments, health (particularly water and sanitation), facilities which aid participation (playgrounds, gardens, sports fields, art areas), and teacher housing.  Projects are selected based on a set of priorities that ensure available resources are best able to significantly enhance the education available to the local community, where there is strong community ownership, and affordable and sustainable maintenance schedules. The overarching outcome of the program is to improve the teaching and learning environment for teachers and students alike.

Program Focus Areas

Build or Repair Schools | The Better Schools Program builds, repairs, and maintains schools and classrooms where there is an acute need and the project improves opportunities for education.

Water and Sanitation | Secure water and sanitation is also provided by selectively installing wells and toilet blocks that aid hygiene and health, and help reduce vulnerability of young children, especially girls. This component of the program also involves researching innovative solutions that engage the community in maintenance. Additional construction activities take place in the context of a health education program at the school that involve the community where practical.

Environment and InfrastructureOther small projects such as painting, playground development, or tree and garden planting are a means by which foreign visitors gain the experience of working with local communities to learn something about one another’s lives, and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the communities where possible and practical. Other smaller structures are also considered here in appropriate circumstances such as hand washing stations.

Teacher HousingIn certain instances projects involving the construction of housing for use by teachers currently working in the relevant school are considered given the difficulties teachers face having to live such a distance from the school that they do not attend consistently. These projects provide basic and potentially communal accommodation for teachers.


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